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FedEx Express Tests eActros 300 Electric Tractor in Linehaul Operations in Eindhoven, Netherlands

FedEx test Mercedes eActros.jpg

13 May 2024, Eindhoven, Netherlands - FedEx Express has begun a two-week pilot of an eActros 300 tractor, an all-electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The tractor unit is being used in place of a combustion engine tractor and trailer combination, to fulfil domestic linehaul operations from Eindhoven station in the Netherlands.

For the pilot period the tractor will be paired with an existing FedEx-owned trailer, transporting shipments collected from larger customers on to FedEx hubs elsewhere in the Netherlands. The tractor will recharge onsite at the Eindhoven station during down time, using a 40kW temporary charging solution.

“Taking opportunities to test a variety of solutions in different geographical and operational circumstances is a critical part of evaluating solutions as they emerge on the market. This two-week test presents an opportunity to gain welcome hands-on experience using new technologies in heavier vehicle types and build a better picture of how such a vehicle and solution could be applied in linehaul operations in Europe,” said Mark Timmermans, VP European Road Network, FedEx Express Europe

As FedEx Express identifies ways to reduce emissions across its road network in Europe, the company continues to explore vehicle specifications and sizes that will best meet the needs of its operations. FedEx Express previously piloted the Mercedes-Benz Trucks eActros 300 as a rigid truck, using it in operations in Basel, Switzerland for a two-week period in 2023. The 19t fully electric vehicle was used to fulfil parcel pickup and delivery routes, journeying between Basel and Geneva and back, before recharging overnight at the FedEx facility near to Basel airport.

Elsewhere in ground operations, FedEx Express has recently added electric vehicles to parcel pickup and delivery operations in Amsterdam, Netherlands, as well as in the UK, Spain, and France.