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UPDATE – California Bridge Collapse: FedEx Independent Contractor Returns to Work

September 17, 2007

FedEx Ground independent contractor Rob Sylvester returns to work on Monday, September 17, seven weeks after a highway overpass collapsed and crushed his delivery truck. Behind the wheel of his new delivery truck, Mr. Sylvester’s first stop of the day will be a special delivery to the Butte County Fire Dept. to present a gift that will help make their jobs easier!

Rob Sylvester, a 45-year-old independent contractor based in the FedEx Ground terminal in Oroville, sustained multiple injuries when a large beam fell from a work site and crushed the hood of his delivery vehicle on July 31. The beam was part of the support structure for an overpass being built over Highway 149 where it intersects with Highway 70 in Butte County.

Sylvester was pinned in his vehicle for more than two hours before being freed by Butte County emergency workers and taken to Enloe Medical Center where he was evaluated by a trauma team of physicians, nurses and other emergency health care workers.