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Sherwood Forest Farms: Seeing the forest AND the trees


If you ask Walter Clayton what he does for a living, he’ll tell you “I make Christmas wreaths!” Actually, the president of Sherwood Forest Farms and the rest of his team have found a way to help spread the beauty of the Pacific Northwest while helping not-for-profit organizations raise money.

Since 1954, Sherwood Forest Farms have provided fresh evergreen products to help groups with their fundraising efforts. The company counts on FedEx to help ship its wreaths, garlands, door swags and centerpieces to waiting customers – next day. That’s after fresh items are sent in refrigerated trailers to a dozen or so hubs across the country.

In the two days before Thanksgiving this year, Sherwood Forest Farms shipped more than 21,000 packages, each day – that’s over 300 tons!

“We’re very happy with all the people at FedEx,” said Clayton. He went on to say that FedEx gives the company access to the hubs, help with logistics and Ground services to allowing shipping directly from their Washington state location if they have less than a truckload.

Non-profit groups turn to Sherwood Forest Farms to help raise money. Sherwood Forest Farms turn to FedEx to make sure their products get where they’re going – on time. Walter Clayton said his company enjoys a great relationship with FedEx because the FedEx “service has been excellent!”

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