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Heritage Foods USA: From the Heartland to Your Home


They take a little extra time to guarantee quality and freshness, but turn to FedEx to make sure thousands of turkeys, hams, geese and ducks grace dinner tables across the country just in time.

New York-based Heritage Foods USA works with small farms in America’s Heartland to find foods raised in much the same slow, careful way our forefathers did. They turn to FedEx every day to get items to restaurants and homes all over the country – and things really get busy during the holiday season.

Heritage Food USA’s Heather Hyman noted that several thousand boxes of food items were shipped in a single day just before Thanksgiving. They work out of their New York headquarters. Products are shipped from Paradise Locker Meats in Missouri or directly from the farm. All their turkeys come from the Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch in Kansas. The rush continues through the holidays, according to Hyman. She also said that Heritage Foods USA is thankful for the help it gets from FedEx, “you allow the small farms in Kansas to have a presence in the finest restaurants in New York and San Francisco” as well as other cities.

By allowing small farms to compete with major agribusiness, Heritage Foods USA believes it’s helping dinner tables go green by promoting biodiversity in the food supply. “We really want to thank FedEx because they’re helping these farmers,” said Hyman.

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