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Gaido’s Seaside Inn: After the Storm


When Hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast in September, it hit hard. Ike was one of the strongest hurricanes to ever slam into the U.S., and it devastated Galveston, pushing over the 17-foot high Galveston Seawall. One spot on the island was spared from the brunt of the storm.

Gaido’s Seaside Inn, a hotel and three restaurants that cover two square blocks, is on one of the highest parts of the island, said Mary Kay Gaido. The original seafood restaurant has been earning its fame since 1911. The family-owned business reached out to FedEx for help in branching out with a new taste for holiday palates.

Beginning last year, Gaido’s began using FedEx to ship pecan pies to satisfy folks with a hunger for sweets. According to Mary Kay, 1,500 of the tasty treats have been sold this year, up from 800 shipped last year.

And even though she doesn’t consider herself totally computer literate, she says using FedEx.com is simple. “That’s actually been the selling point for me,” said Gaido. And when there are enhancements to the technology, she says FedEx is there to help her use a system that at first she “never thought I’d be able to navigate.”

The busy time for pie shipping for Gaido’s began right before Thanksgiving, going from her going to any of the several FedEx locations near her home, to couriers coming by for pick-ups every day as orders increased.

When it comes to using the Internet to work with FedEx, Mary Kay Gaido said this: “it’s just so easy.” Easy as pie.

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