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Frederick W. Smith, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, FedEx Corporation, addresses National Clean Energy Summit


LAS VEGAS, Nev., August 7, 2012 -- The National Clean Energy Summit convenes in Nevada this week, bringing together again some of the smartest minds and ideas as we endeavor to improve energy security through, in part, renewable energy production. A variety of key stakeholders are at the table with discussions focused on options to improve the quality of our lives with cleaner energy, save consumers money, grow the economy and, of course, help protect our ecosystem.

FedEx CEO Fred Smith is delivering a keynote address during the conference focused on moving away from our dependence on foreign oil, which presents a significant threat to our national and economic security. While we cannot immediately stop our dependence on foreign oil in particular, we do need to find ways to produce more energy at home so we as a nation take power out of the hands of those elsewhere.

Over the long term, new technologies – including possibilities like natural gas for heavy-duty trucks and electric drive delivery vehicles – offer the opportunity to accomplish what many have talked about for decades: fundamentally ending oil’s stranglehold on the transportation sector, and replacing it with a diversity of domestically-produced energy sources. That will be critical because the transportation sector alone accounts for 70 percent of the total oil consumed in the United States.

Focusing on sustainability has been a hallmark for FedEx over the years, from our work with all-electric and hybrid-electric vehicles to solar powered facilities to finding ways to configure our FedEx Express flight operations to reduce emissions and save fuel. We have more than 130 all-electric vehicles hitting the road, with more on the way. We have also made strides at the customer level, where FedEx is the first global express transportation company to offer carbon-neutral shipping of envelopes at no extra cost to our customers. That means anyone using the envelope has our assurance that all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with their shipment will be offset.

Our success story, along with others, highlights how creating clean energy options can give power to new industries and markets that will also simultaneously create new jobs and help rebuild our economy.