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FedEx Welcomes the Commerce Secretary and U.S. Trade Representative to visit FedEx Express Memphis Super Hub and Discuss how Trade can Strengthen the Economic Recovery


Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk visited Memphis on October 12th and 13th to see first hand the FedEx Express Memphis Super Hub and to explore how the public and private sector can best work together to grow U.S. exports and create American jobs. During their visit, Secretary Locke and Ambassador Kirk experienced the Memphis Hub during peak hours and saw the millions of FedEx packages moving over hundreds of miles of conveyor belts due to the hard work of over 8,000 FedEx team members operating hundreds of FedEx planes, vehicles and machines to make sure FedEx customers’ packages reach their destinations around the world. They discovered just how FedEx can deliver the world on time and help millions of FedEx customers, including Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses, reach new markets and new consumers in the over 220 countries and territories that FedEx serves.

Commerce Secretary Locke and Ambassador Kirk also each took a hand at flying the new Boeing 777F air cargo plane in the FedEx Flight Simulators. FedEx Express is the first U.S.-based, global, all-cargo freight airline to add the 777F to its fleet and has placed the largest order for the aircraft model to date. The 777F’s shorter flight times, give FedEx a competitive advantage in the global marketplace through increased speed and reliability. In addition, the 777F is able to deliver these benefits while helping FedEx build a more sustainable operation in the long term through its fuel efficiency and reduced emissions

While visiting Memphis, Secretary Locke and Ambassador Kirk also engaged directly with Memphis businesses and FedEx customers during an event at Smith & Nephew’s Global Orthopedic Medical Device Global Distribution Facility. A large group of Memphis companies joined a conversation to discuss the Administration’s National Export Initiative and the President’s goal of doubling exports in five years to create 2 million American jobs. FedEx works each day with the Commerce Department’s Commercial Service to help our customers’ access new opportunities and new markets around the world. The FedEx sales team and trade promotion teams will continue to work closely with the Commerce Department so that our customers can grow their exports and create new jobs.

Achieving the President’s goal of doubling exports in five years and creating two million new jobs will also require a bold trade policy agenda. FedEx hosted Secretary Locke, Ambassador Kirk, and a smaller group of Memphis business leaders at the Hub Flight Museum for a roundtable discussion exploring how Memphis businesses can start or grow their exports to the Asia-Pacific region. The conversation focused on the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP free trade agreement negotiations. Ambassador Kirk’s team at the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office joined the talks in December 2009 and continues to negotiate a new regional trade agreement to knock down barriers to trade in the region with the other TPP countries – Australia, Brunei, Chile, Peru, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam. Ambassador Kirk shared with the group the announcement that Malaysia has also formally joined the negotiations, thus further expanding the economic benefits of an agreement.

FedEx serves as a corporate Co-Chair for the TPP Business Coalition and strongly supports the Administration’s efforts to complete a gold-standard agreement that will open new markets and opportunities for FedEx and its customers. In addition, FedEx strongly supports the swift passage of the pending free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea – as well as an ambitious conclusion to the WTO Doha Round negotiations. Moving ahead on all trade policy fronts will be necessary to strengthen the U.S. economic recovery, grow exports, and create jobs. President Obama recently named Michael L. Ducker, the Chief Operating Officer for FedEx Express and President of its International Division, to the Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and Negotiations. He will work closely with Ambassador Kirk and the other Committee Members to advance a strong trade agenda that opens markets and creates opportunities for FedEx and its customers around the world.

FedEx will continue to champion the benefits of opening markets and growing international trade and investment for our business, our customers, and the communities around the world FedEx serves. Moreover, FedEx will continue to support Administration’s trade promotion and trade policy initiatives to achieve our shared goal of strengthening the economic recovery through trade.