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FedEx Team Member Who Saved Co-worker with Kidney Donation Surprised with Purple Promise Humanitarian Award

MEMPHIS, Tenn., August 28, 2012 – When a family member is in need, many would do anything in their power to help. But have those we work with become just as much a “family” to us? For FedEx Sales VP Glenda Corwin, the answer is “yes.”

Despite working in different departments and in separate states, Glenda and fellow FedEx team member Mark Orris met on the job and discovered they shared a powerful bond: both had watched their mothers battle kidney disease, a struggle that was later eased for each through the help of donated kidneys.

When Mark was diagnosed with PKD, a genetic kidney disease passed down from his mother, Glenda empathized with her longtime friend. Knowing that Mark was facing a years-long wait on the donor list while his health would continue to deteriorate, Glenda saw an opportunity to honor the gift that her mother had received with her transplant and “pay it forward.”

“I knew someday I would be able to give back to someone the gift given to my mother,” said Glenda.

As Mark battled reduced kidney function resulting in strong headaches, extreme fatigue and frequent bouts of nausea, Glenda went through a lengthy testing process to ultimately find she was a donor match for Mark. The transplant surgery took place on March 16, 2012, and was a success, with both patients making some of the fastest recoveries doctors had seen. Glenda even stayed in Mark’s home for 10 days after her surgery as they both began the healing process together.

Glenda’s act of kindness to a fellow FedEx team member exhibited the grace, dignity and compassion for others that the Purple Promise Humanitarian Award was created to honor. After learning of Glenda’s selfless donation, her team nominated her for the award and she was surprised with it earlier today by her executive vice president, Mike Glenn,at an event in Memphis, Tenn.Mark was also on hand to formally thank her for her life-changing generosity.

Glenda’s view on her humanitarian approach to life serves as a model for all at FedEx. When asked why she would make such a personal and extraordinary gift to someone, she answered, “Why wouldn’t I?”