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FedEx Sponsors The Green Apple Festival


In support of its commitment to connecting the world in responsible and resourceful ways, FedEx has signed on as a sponsor of the Green Apple Festival, America’s largest Earth Day celebration. The mission of Green Apple Festival (GAF) is to involve audiences of all ages in a celebration of Earth Day and in so doing, educate individuals on environmental issues and provide tangible benefits to local communities. GAF is produced in partnership with the non-profit organization Earth Day Network (EDN), founded by the organizers of the first Earth Day in 1970. Green Apple Festival is one of the nation’s largest carbon neutral events and has a zero waste goal.

FedEx is committed to providing global connections, while minimizing its environmental impact, and aims to share information with the public about its efforts at this year’s Green Apple Festival, sponsored by the Earth Day Network. At select festival locations, FedEx will display its hybrid-electric vehicles, which are part of the largest fleet of commercial hybrid trucks in the U.S. FedEx seeks environmental efficiencies in a number of other ways.