FedEx Ground President and CEO Testifies at House Hearing on Improving the Nation’s Highway Freight Network

Today, FedEx Ground President and CEO Henry J. Maier testified before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee at a hearing that identified recommendations to improve the nation’s highway freight network.

Mr. Maier focused his testimony on improving the safe and efficient movement of freight throughout the country, particularly on leveraging innovation to solve traffic congestion and infrastructure deterioration.

Acknowledging that there are no easy answers to these problems, Mr. Maier recommended the passing of a Highway Bill with adequate sources of funding that provides opportunities for innovative ways to enhance productivity, including the use of 33 ft. trailers.

“The use of 33-foot twin trailers would enable a carrier, on any given lane, to potentially absorb up to 18% of future growth, without traveling any additional miles or increasing the wear and tear on our roads,” Mr. Maier shared with the committee. “That equals up to 1.8 billion in fewer miles driven, more than 300 million gallons of fuel saved and $2.6 billion in reduced costs.”

Additionally, Mr. Maier emphasized that we must redefine the infrastructure debate so that everyone understands improving the safety and efficiency of the freight network will enhance competitiveness and create jobs.

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