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FedEx Ground Names Humanitarian Award Winners

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 26, 2013 – FedEx Ground, the small-package ground unit of FedEx Corp., (NYSE: FDX), has awarded one of its highest honors to 24 individuals who provide service to the company. These honorees were recognized for displaying selfless courage and promoting human welfare—particularly in life-threatening situations—above and beyond basic human responsibility.

“The FedEx Ground Humanitarian Award was established to honor the most exceptional individuals who exhibited raw compassion and admirable acts of initiative,” said Ward Strang, executive vice president & COO, FedEx Ground. “It is a humbling honor to recognize their outstanding efforts.”

The following are brief summaries of the heroic actions of those honored:

  • Adam Doll of Dakota Hawk Inc., Fargo, N.D., rescued and helped save a man who had fallen into an icy lake, desperate for help. Adam ensured his safety before completing his daily delivery stops.
  • Tom Gradine of Hipp Enterprises, Inc., Duluth, Wis., stopped to help a driver after witnessing an accident. Tom helped free the man, along with his service dog, from the wreckage.
  • Steve Allan of Flory Express Inc., Minot, N.D., noticed smoke at a residence where he was delivering and immediately called for help. Steve entered the home and rescued three children, unharmed.
  • Richard Rowland of Parrish Transportation, Inc., Nashville, Tenn., noticed a man slumped over in distress while on the job. Richard helped the man to safety and called his son for assistance.
  • Oscar Juarez of Campos GroundForce, Inc., Chico, Calif., was flagged down by a distraught woman whose two young grandchildren had gone missing. Oscar took action and found both children, returning them both unharmed to their grandmother.
  • Mary Brown of MJM Trucking, Inc., Seattle, Wash., came upon an accident where one of the vehicles had overturned and the victim was at risk for suffocation. Acting quickly, with the assistance of a state trooper, Mary used her tow straps and tractor to pull the vehicle upright and help save a life.
  • Marty Stemwedel of WJD Express Inc., Watertown, S.D., witnessed a toddler in the middle of a major highway and quickly raced to the rescue. Marty stayed with the child until police arrived.
  • Lee Campbell of CT Morgan Inc., Zanesville, Ohio, saw smoke and realized that a tanker truck had crashed and rolled down an embankment. Lee called for help and shut off the truck’s engine. Once help arrived, Lee helped remove the driver and assisted in her transport to a medical helicopter.
  • Kristal Green of Package Systems, Inc. Englewood, Colo., noticed a woman helping a man in distress. Stopping to help, Kristal assisted in CPR and stayed until paramedics arrived to transport the man to the hospital.
  • Justin Goodman of Morgan & Morgan Transportation, Inc., Knoxville, Tenn., stepped up to help a friend in need by donating one of his kidneys, when no one in the man’s family could help.
  • Jirayr Setaghian of Kings Delivery Express Inc., Burbank, Calif., witnessed a domestic dispute and after trying to diffuse the situation, he called for help.
  • Jim Leafe of SDM Enterprises of Tampa Bay Inc., Tampa Bay, Fla., discovered a life-threatening emergency during a routine delivery. An employee at the business where he was delivering was caught in a machine, and Jim stepped in to assist with his severe wound.
  • Francisco Meyer of Glenmac, Inc., Chattanooga, Tenn., was delivering packages in a residential neighborhood when she found an elderly woman lying in the grass unable to get up. Francisco called for help and waited with the women until help arrived.
  • Dusty Metcalf of Jam’in Package Service Inc., Enid, Okla., discovered a house was on fire while making a delivery. While waiting for emergency personnel to arrive, he courageously entered the house and saved the family pets.
  • Demetrious “Dke” Allen of Lija Inc., Ft. Wayne, Ind., witnessed an accident and prevented the driver from fleeing the scene. Dke alerted local law enforcement and waited for their arrival.
  • Danny Gonzalez of Advanced Parcel Service Corp., Miami, Fla., noticed an elderly gentleman lying in the street and stopped to offer assistance. Danny called for help and stayed with the gentleman until emergency professionals arrived.
  • Dan Gray of FH&L Delivered, Inc., Tampa, Fla., was making a delivery to a regular customer when he heard the man crying for help. Realizing the customer was badly injured; Dan called for help and alerted the injured man’s daughter, staying with him until the ambulance arrived.
  • Dale Holifield of McKenzie Trucking Inc., Jackson, Miss., came upon a woman who was very upset because her daughter had collapsed. Dale tended to the woman’s daughter, administered CPR, and called for professional help.
  • Brian Poitras of Grier Enterprises Inc., Ft. Wayne, Ind., was flagged down by an elderly man whose house was engulfed in flames. After learning the man’s wife was still inside, Brian ran into the burning home and carried the woman out to safety.
  • Brad Shook of Shook Express, Inc., Hickory, N.C., witnessed a car accident and climbed down an embankment to rescue a mother and her children. Brad helped carry the family to the top of the embankment so that they could be treated by paramedics.
  • Bill Feronti of Yankie J, Inc., Du Bois, Pa., was on his way to make a delivery when the recipient ran out of the home, alerting Bill the house was on fire. Bill ran to the back of the home to find a hose and ladder and contained the fire, dousing the flames.
  • April Harris of Red River Delivery, Inc., Little Rock, Ark., saw a toddler walking towards a busy interstate. April parked her vehicle and ran to save the child from imminent danger. She returned the toddler to his parents who were frantically searching for him.
  • Alejandro Escutia of FNS Transport Inc., Riverside, Calif., noticed a loaded car carrier stuck on the railroad tracks. Alejandro attached chains to his pickup and delivery van, and he pulled the carrier to safety—just minutes before a train crossed the tracks.
  • Allen Fratto of AMF Transportation Inc. and Carl Christensen of CFC Enterprises Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah, were delivering in the same parking lot when they heard a cry for help. The two men apprehended an individual attempting to steal a woman’s purse.