FedEx Freight Reports Teamsters Withdraw Petition at North Harrisburg Facility


After months of trying to convince FedEx Freight drivers in Middletown, PA (the North Harrisburg facility) to join the Teamsters, the union has withdrawn its election petition on the eve of the vote. FedEx Freight has been notified by the National Labor Relations Board that the election at North Harrisburg - previously scheduled for tomorrow - has been officially cancelled. The union would only take this action if it recognized that it would not win the election.

“We are extremely grateful to our team members at North Harrisburg for their support of the company. We continue to believe that the attempted Teamster interference in our working relationship is unnecessary and unwelcome,” said William J. Logue, President and CEO of FedEx Freight. “We look forward to building on our direct relationships and further enhancing our employee and customer experiences.”