FedEx Express Recognizes “Employee Heroes” for Exceptional Customer and Community Service

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Oct. 17, 2013 – FedEx Express, the express transportation unit of FedEx Corp., (NYSE: FDX), has awarded one of its highest honors to 24 employees who went above and beyond to serve their communities and customers.

Every year, FedEx Express recognizes its employees around the world who demonstrate outstanding service and community responsibility. In the U.S./Canada/Latin American region this year, more than 100 FedEx Express employees were nominated. The winners will be recognized at a special ceremony in Memphis on Oct. 17.

“It is an honor to recognize our employees’ heroism, professionalism and dedication to their communities and customers,” said David J. Bronczek, president and CEO, FedEx Express. “These honorees are truly everyday FedEx heroes who never cease to amaze us with the things they do for our customers, our communities and for each other.”

FedEx Express employs more than 150,000 worldwide; in almost 40 years, only 710 employees have received these prestigious company awards.

Following are summaries of the actions of those honored:

FedEx Humanitarian Award Winners

  • Carl Harris, Security Officer, Memphis, Tenn., immediately began performing CPR on a fellow employee who had suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing. Thanks to Officer Harris, the employee survived and received further life-saving treatment when the local fire department arrived, and later at the hospital.
  • Brian Haskell, Courier, Green Bay, Wis., was on his way to a wedding when he witnessed a minivan flip over and land in the median. Without hesitation, Brian assisted the injured passengers and helped save two lives that day.
  • James Miller, Courier, Middletown, Pa., witnessed a dump truck overturn. James kicked out the windshield and pulled the driver to safety. The driver was in shock, so James talked to him to keep him awake until the paramedics arrived.
  • Elaine Morton, Senior Manager Hub Operations, Memphis, Tenn., selflessly helped and supported a co-worker through multiple major medical issues. Elaine became her caretaker until she was able to care for herself and return to work.
  • Mark Perseo, Manager Ramp Operations, Fort Myers, Fla., volunteered to foster a homeless teenager who was dropped off at their local church. Thanks to the love and support from the Perseo family, the teenager is doing well.
  • Matthew Rackovan, Courier, Earth City, Mo., was delivering packages when he noticed an elderly woman fall while carrying a glass casserole dish. He called 911 and applied pressure to the deep neck wound caused by the shattered glass until paramedics arrived.
  • Taurus Shannon, Courier, New York, N.Y., awoke to his apartment complex engulfed in flames. Disregarding personal safety, Taurus immediately banged on neighbors’ doors so they could evacuate. Because of his quick-thinking and courage, Taurus helped save his neighbors’ lives that day.
  • Ryan Vercelli, Courier, Scottsdale, Ariz., was making deliveries when a man flagged down his FedEx Express truck. The man’s brother was in cardiac arrest and needed Ryan’s help. With instructions from the 911 operator, Ryan alternated performing CPR with the unconscious man’s brother until paramedics arrived.

FedEx Customer Service Award Winners

  • Anthony Anander, Courier, Jamaica, N.Y., bravely drove through storm-ravaged areas to ensure his customers received their much-needed packages after Hurricane Sandy.
  • Michael Brady, Senior Manager, Colorado Springs, Colo., and Craig Masumiya, Senior Manager, Denver, were the key support personnel who helped keep FedEx Express employees safe and operations running during the recent Colorado wildfires—even as the fires grew and the station was evacuated.
  • Jodi Brandon, Hub Trace Agent, Memphis, Tenn., sorted through about a thousand documents to find a package containing a passport for a customer who was leaving on a cruise the next day. She ensured it was delivered before the ship departed.
  • Shelly Gunn, Manager, Memphis, Tenn., sorted though hundreds of shipments to locate and deliver a critical “human tissue” package, destined for surgery in Memphis on July 4. The package had missed its connection in Oakland, Calif., and arrived late to Memphis on July 3.
  • Richard Hofman, Manager, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, drove more than 200 miles on a Saturday night delivering shipments because one of his employee’s delivery vehicles became disabled while on his route.
  • Beverly Hoitt, Senior Service Agent, Springfield, Ore., assisted a customer by retrieving a critical package that had been delivered to their place of business and took it directly to the local airport where the customer was waiting to board his flight. Beverly’s above-and-beyond service enabled the customer to board the flight on time with the item in hand.
  • Kirt Larsen, Courier, Orem, Utah. Instead of going home for the Christmas holiday, Kirt volunteered critical support to the Wolf Point, Mont., FedEx team as they worked to deliver packages in spite of bad weather, icy roads and heavy holiday volume.
  • Daniela Malaquias, Customer Representative, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Paulo Nogueira, Mgr Customer Service, Sao Paulo, Brazil, worked together to locate an international shipment for a U.S. nationally-televised award ceremony that was delayed in Brazil. Paulo flew to the United States with the shipment to hand-deliver it to the customer in Los Angeles.
  • Linda Mallender, Manager, Tampa, Fla., helped ensure a positive customer experience by retrieving a shipment that was due for delivery the following Monday and instead delivered it early on Saturday night.
  • Charlene Molnar, Senior World Sales & Shipping Agent, Vandalia, Ohio, drove to the airport at 1 a.m. on a Saturday morning to deliver a critical donor-matched tissue shipment that had been delayed due to severe weather.
  • Steven Morris, Courier, Santa Rosa, Calif., supported his FedEx Express team and customers despite a personal tragedy by delivering shipments in the morning; then attending his sister’s funeral with his family later that day.
  • Frances Neely, Senior World Sales & Shipping Agent, Ontario, Calif., ensured an on-time delivery by identifying a customer’s error and relabeling 19 freight skids, ensuring on-time delivery in spite of the error.
  • Cheryl Petty, Courier, Yakima, Wash. When massive 75 m.p.h. wind gusts sent company equipment flying and injured a coworker, Cheryl took charge of getting medical care for her co-worker, while at the same time leading the sort and flight operations at the ramp.
  • Keith Ronningen, Courier, Yuba City, Calif., worked with the Highway Patrol to deliver a delayed human tissue shipment on time, even though a serious accident had blocked the highway that led to the customer’s location.