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Fairytale Brownies: Making the World a Sweeter Place


It’s really a sweet story. Eileen Spitalny and David Kravetz met in kindergarten. Now that both are all grown up, they’ve come up with a way to make the world a little sweeter.

In 1992, the pair founded Fairytale Brownies using borrowed space and a secret recipe from David’s mother. Now they send Belgian chocolatey-goodness all over the world. If you travel to their Phoenix headquarters, which now covers 26,000-square feet, you can watch them bake the brownies through viewing windows.

Eileen and David turned to FedEx to help make sure their Fairytale confections have a happy ending and get where they’re going. During their peak holiday shipping season, Fairytale Brownies turns into a 24-hour operation, with certain FedEx employees spending their entire shifts at that location. “FedEx has always been supportive,” Eileen said. On most days this time of year, over 5,000 boxes of brownies leave their bakery, making the company one of the largest FedEx Express shippers in the Phoenix area.

With FedEx trucks leaving the bakery every day, helping get brownies to places as far flung as London, Tokyo and Singapore, Eileen Spitalny credits FedEx as a big part of their success, saying “We can make fairytales come true with FedEx.”

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