FedEx Express Aircraft “Isaac” Takes to the Skies


DUBAI, April 03, 2019 — At four years of age, Isaac Dsouza is already getting recognition at his mother’s workplace as the first child of a FedEx team member in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa region to have a plane named after him in the global fleet of FedEx aircraft.

Natasha Dsouza’s son, Isaac, was selected following a tradition that started in 1973, when the very first FedEx Express plane, a Dassault Falcon 20, was named “Wendy,” honoring the daughter of Frederick W. Smith, founder, chairman and CEO of FedEx. Isaac’s aircraft, a Boeing 757, is the latest aircraft to recognize the family of the company’s team members.

Isaac Dsouza is about to start school. He enjoys cycling outdoors and loves playing with airplanes.

“Having a plane named after your child is truly an honor. I had hoped to see my son’s name on a FedEx plane one day, but the fact that he is the first child selected from this region is particularly exciting,” said Dsouza, who has worked at FedEx Express since 2012.

From the first night of operations, when 14 aircraft took to the skies, FedEx Express now has more than 675 aircraft in its fleet. Each time a new aircraft joins the fleet or gets a facelift, the name of a FedEx Express team member’s child is selected and painted proudly beneath the captain’s window.

Dsouza’s mother Veena Samuel also works with FedEx Express and has been with the company for over 13 years.

“I am aware how incredible it is that my daughter followed my footsteps by joining the company, and now the honor of my grandson’s name inscribed on an aircraft that is travelling the world goes beyond what words can express,” Samuel said. Next time Isaac points to an airplane in the skies; we will encourage him to aspire to reach great heights, just like his name.”