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FedEx welcomes Roxo™, the FedEx SameDay Bot to the U.A.E


DUBAI, U.A.E., October 15, 2019 – FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp (NYSE: FDX) and the world’s largest express transportation company, today announces that Roxo™ will make its first international appearance in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Roxo™ is an autonomous delivery device, designed to travel on sidewalks and along roadsides, safely delivering smaller shipments to customers’ homes and businesses. Its features include pedestrian-safe technology from the iBot, plus advanced technology such as LiDAR and multiple cameras, allowing the zero-emission, battery-powered bot to be aware of its surroundings. These features are coupled with machine-learning algorithms to detect and avoid obstacles, plot a safe path, and allow the bot to follow road and safety rules. Proprietary technology makes it highly capable, allowing it to navigate unpaved surfaces, curbs, and to even climb some steps for an extraordinary door-to-door delivery experience.

“Roxo™ is currently testing in the U.S. and will play a new role in the last-mile delivery market, one that is not currently addressed by any other automated service or technology. Feedback from customers will ensure that real-use conditions are taken into consideration as early as possible during the on-going development of Roxo’s capabilities,” said James R. Muhs, Regional President for FedEx Express in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa. It is anticipated that in the future, Dubai will join test cities in the United States including Memphis, Tennessee, Manchester, New Hampshire, and Plano and Frisco, Texas.

“The FedEx SameDay Bot is an innovation changing the landscape of on-demand hyper-localized delivery, and we are excited for Dubai to be the first international city to host an appearance by Roxo. The UAE is recognized internationally as a future-forward city, with a positive regulatory framework, world-class infrastructure, and a fertile environment for the testing and adoption of robotics, and we look forward to testing Roxo here in the future.” continued Mr. Muhs.

FedEx will collaborate with companies in several segments to help assess their needs and opportunities in Dubai. Future local assessment would operate similar to the testing currently underway in the United States, with selected customers providing insight and advice on their needs and requirements.

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