Latin America & Caribbean (English)

FedEx Reports Dramatic Increase in Shipments via Digital Technology

Miami - March 1, 2006 - FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation company and global logistics solutions provider, just announced that in Latin America and the Caribbean, 50 percent of all FedEx shipments are currently performed using FedEx eBusiness tools, a figure which has more than doubled in the last three years. These rising percentages, coupled with the fact that last November, FedEx reached the million packages per day processed online milestone through, attest to the growing preference among consumers the world over to use digital technology and as a fast and easy way to access the global marketplace.

FedEx has always been a technology company leading the introduction of new and exciting innovative logistic solutions. From being among the first companies to provide a “Web service” through its tracking application, FedEx has gone on to become one of the world’s most visible eBusinesses, and continues to develop eBusiness solutions that change the way companies move shipments and ideas across the globe.

Evolving FedEx e-Business Solutions

In response to this growing demand, is fast becoming the one-stop-shop for virtual shippers the world over. In addition to the wide-array of eBusiness tools already available to FedEx customers, now offers Get Rates, offering online rates in local currency in 42 countries throughout Latin Americaand the Caribbean . Available in Spanish, Portuguese, French and English, this new tool empowers the decision-making process of customers by providing them fast and user-friendly rate quotes.

International trade through FedEx just got easier with the Global Trade Manager upgrade, now offering import and export documentation from more than 200 countries (previously 42 countries were covered), all available online. One of the most common international trade challenges is finding up-to-date, country-specific customs regulations and global trade trends. Consequently, a great percentage of delayed shipments in customs are due to improper documentation once the package arrives to its destination country. Global Trade Manager virtually walks customers through each step of the customs documentation process, helping prepare and their export/import documents, as well as providing advice on origin and destination country trade regulations so that shipments will not experience delays at customs. Global Trade Manager is the knowledge center for international tools and news.