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FedEx Assists Peru Earthquake Victims With Pan-Regional Relief Effort

MIAMI, Sept. 11, 2007— FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. and the world’s largest express transportation company, continues to provide assistance to the earthquake victims in Peru, coordinating multiple flights to distribute donations collected throughout the U.S., Mexico and Brazil.

The August 15 earthquake that hit Peru prompted thousands across the continent to donate goods to victims of the tragedy, creating the need for prompt and safe delivery of donations. At the request of private corporations, charity organizations and Peruvian embassies throughout Latin America , FedEx has deployed its network operations to coordinate multiple flights across the region so that donations reach the victims as soon as possible.

“Effective corporate social responsibility goes beyond writing a check: it requires that corporations make use of their assets and infrastructure to contribute. At FedEx, we understand that our aircraft and pilots are what are needed most during this difficult time. We see it as our duty and responsibility to reach out, and we are grateful to be of assistance,” said Juan Cento, president of FedEx Express, Latin America and Caribbean Division.

From Mexico’s Toluca airport, Telmex and the Peruvian embassy sent blankets, cots, tents, generators, and tools via a FedEx MD-11 aircraft carrying 77 tons of donations, consigned in Peru to civil association ‘Caminando Juntos’ and INDECI (Civil National Defense Institute), responsible for distributing the donations among the victims.

In the U.S. , FedEx, with support from Centurion Air Cargo, aided Direct Relief International with the distribution of 17 tons of relief supplies worth $126,000, adding to the $92,000 already donated by the organization. The help largely consisted of personal care products, sutures, iodine tablets for water purification, and nebulizers with albuterol medication for asthmatics and people with other breathing difficulties.

FedEx also coordinated efforts with Miami-based Heart-to-Heart International. The organization collected almost 10 tons of aid.

FedEx has also been active in South America’s southern cone to transport donations collected by Peruvian embassies in Brazil and Argentina . A FedEx MD-11 aircraft departed from Viracopos airport in Campinas, Brazil on Monday (Sept. 10) en route to Lima, Peru with donations that included drinking water, non-perishable food (noodles, rice, beans, cooking oil, powder milk, flour, sugar, salt), medical supplies (gauze, tapes, scissors, new unused syringes and needles, first aid kits), medicine (antibiotics, pain killers, antiseptics, cholera kits) and new clothes and blankets totaling more than 60 tons of aid. The donations will be received by Peru ’s INDECI (Civil National Defense Institute).

FedEx is recognized as one of the most admired brands in the world, in part because of its commitment to helping neighbors in need. FedEx has a long history of support for the communities it serves, dedicating resources, both operational and financial, to effective corporate citizenship and governance, leading the way in both charitable giving and a commitment to the environment.

In recent years, FedEx has donated use of its aircraft, pilots and employees’ time to charitable activities including relief efforts following hurricanes in Mexico and Guatemala . FedEx has also donated use of its maintenance staff and provided pilots for the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital , a plane outfitted with ocular surgery equipment that has helped thousands across Latin America and the world recover or improve their sight.

FedEx Express Latin America & Caribbean Division services more than 50 countries and territories throughout Latin America and the Caribbean with more than 3,400 employees committed to total customer satisfaction each business day.

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