Committed to the Environment, FedEx Express Invests in Sustainability Intiatives

FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation and global logistics solution provider, recently established an environmental responsibility committee in Brazil . Following the guidelines set out by the corporate committee, the goal of local management is to improve everyday efforts to protect the environment in the most efficient manner possible.

For FedEx Express, protecting the environment is a collective effort that must be embraced not only by top executives but also by all FedEx Express employees. Because of this, the company is committed to improving the environmental awareness of its employees by establishing internal procedures and promoting environmental policies. One way to achieve this is through distribution of a monthly newsletter to employees with consumption tips and guidelines that address issues such as recycling, water conservation, the reuse of materials, and global warming, among other topics. Employees themselves can serve as “environmental inspectors” by contributing photos and articles about the environment to the newsletter.

There is also an environmental management website that can be accessed by all FedEx Express employees where they can find the company’s environmental policies, environmental training modules, recycling information and methods, contacts, and other information related to environmental issues.

Through effective environmental management, which is considered one of the company’s most important priorities, FedEx Express Brazil is committed to protecting the environment as it consistently complies with all applicable environmental laws and statutes and seeks to use natural resources in a responsible manner. In addition, the company recycles paper and uses it to print client invoices. It also has a very strict system of internal control for vehicle engine emissions, as well as a system that separates water that can be reused from the water that is contaminated by residues of chemical products used to wash its vehicles. FedEx Express also recycles all toners and batteries used in its Brazilian plants, which directly benefits local communities, and appropriately collects and disposes of used engine oil.

FedEx Express Latin America & Caribbean Division services more than 50 countries and territories throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and employs more than 3,400 people committed to total customer satisfaction each business day.