Russian Customs Changes Temporarily Impact Shipments to Individuals

Note: On Feb. 17, 2014 this item was updated to reflect that FedEx has reopened its service for B2C shipments to Russia. To read the text of that statement, click here.

Updated January 29, 2014:

Russian customs authorities informed us earlier in January that dutiable goods shipments destined to private individuals in Russia would no longer be cleared by express clearance processes. This situation was not unique to FedEx and impacts all express carriers. FedEx temporarily suspended goods shipments to individual. FedEx continues to transport documents to individuals and all business-to-business transit.

After a January 28 meeting between the Express Associations and Russian Customs, we are pleased that there is an agreement in principle to implement a simplified clearance process for goods moving to private individuals in Russia. We expect to resume full service to individuals as soon as possible.

FedEx Express remains committed to providing excellent customer service and we are treating the resumption of service as a top priority.