Obama Signs Free Trade Agreements


President Obama signed free trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Colombia today.

At FedEx we have seen firsthand the benefits from U.S. free trade agreements. After implementation, two-way trade between the United States and its free trade agreement partners increases, and we expand our operations and service offering to meet our customers’ growing needs.

FedEx, in chorus with many other U.S. businesses, applauds the actions taken today which will only help strengthen and grow our economy.

FedEx’s Ralph Carter wrote a blog post about how increased access to these emerging markets will foster global trade and create growth opportunities for FedEx, our customers and our country.

Business trade success stories

To survive, a 100-year-old steering parts manufacturer, Nexteer, partnered with a Chinese automaker and with the blessing of the UAW. The company’s approximately 3,600 workers are still working as a result, and the company’s employment rolls are growing.

Hopunion not only helps rural family farmers connect with thousands of small breweries in 32 countries around the world, but by increasing their market reach company sales have grown 1,900 percent since 2002.