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Memphis Mayor A C Wharton, Jr. Inspires the FedEx Mid America Regional Sales Team


Memphis, August 2, 2012 -- Yesterday, FedEx hosted its Mid America Regional Sales meeting at the FedEx World Headquarters in Memphis. Mayor of Memphis, A C Wharton, Jr., joined the FedEx sales meeting as the featured speaker, sharing his personal and career experiences to help educate, motivate and expand the team’s understanding of the role sales plays in today’s work force and economic market.

Wharton’s fundamental messages – that staying genuine, giving each customer undivided attention, and treating customers with dignity are the key elements of selling success – resonated among the FedEx Mid America Regional Sales team.

Mayor Wharton candidly shared his life story and explained how observing his parents’ savvy business practices during his childhood and his experiences as an attorney and politician helped him develop and apply successful selling techniques throughout his career.

Mayor Wharton also commended FedEx for earning recognition for its generosity and charity throughout the world as a global company.