FedEx Response to Customer Video


December 21, 2011 -- FedEx team members work very hard every day all around the world delivering millions of items on time and in perfect condition. The one delivery shown on the video is completely at odds with our training and policies. We have apologized to the customer and secured a replacement delivery. We’re pleased to have resolved the situation and the customer is satisfied.

As a result of this absolutely, positively unacceptable delivery, we are redoubling our efforts to keep things like this from happening in the future. In this specific case, we are following our established disciplinary process, which is intended to protect the privacy of team members. We can say that the employee is not interacting with customers during this process. Additionally, we look at this as a great learning opportunity. We have already used the video internally to remind all of our team members that every single package is the most important one.

We take pride in having a low damage claims rate and are very upset by this incident, which is so at odds with our Purple Promise to make every FedEx experience outstanding.