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FedEx Joins World and Industry Leaders at APEC CEO Summit

On November 10-12, FedEx will be among the prominent voices shaping the discussion around the future of the Asia Pacific economy at the prestigious Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit taking place in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The annual Summit, which hosts 1,500 participants and more than 100 high-profile delegates including government and business leaders, serves as a vital link in driving dialogue and ideas to effectively capitalize on the significant opportunities the APEC region presents. The line-up of distinguished guests this year includes President Barack Obama, President Hu Jintao of China, President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia and Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia.

“FedEx has long been a supporter of APEC and participant in APEC events. We strongly support the APEC mission of sustainable economic growth through open trade and investment as a central element to our focus on facilitating growth opportunities for FedEx customers. Trans-Pacific trade is one of the fastest growing engines in the global economy and increasing integration and access with these markets is essential to global economic recovery and job creation,” said Michael L. Ducker, COO and President International, FedEx Express. Mr. Ducker also represents FedEx as the vice chair of the CEO Summit host committee and played an important part in leading the development of a dynamic, interactive agenda that will examine the factors shaping the business opportunity in the Asia Pacific region today.

“At this pivotal time for the global economy, and on the heels of important developments in free trade agreements that enable faster and simpler movement of goods across borders, the APEC conference is an excellent forum for FedEx to be part of the discussion on the critical role connectivity plays in the world. Connecting businesses and economies not only creates commerce, but also allows the free flow of innovation and ideas, developing and sustaining communities and building global relationships. By fostering the right conversations, we can continue to create long-term prosperity and growth by facilitating new opportunities for businesses and economies locally and around the world.”

Mr. Ducker will also participate in the “Building Enabling Environments for Industry: Achieving Growth, Stability and Predictability in a Dynamic Commercial World” panel discussion with Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon President. Joining Mr. Ducker at the event will be David L. Cunningham, President of FedEx Express Asia-Pacific, Jill Brannon, senior vice president, International Sales, Alan Turley, vice president, Government Affairs, APAC, and Russ Fleming, vice president, U.S. International Marketing.

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