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FedEx Expands SenseAware® Capabilities with Cryogenic Probe

FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) today announced the latest advance in its tracking and monitoring capabilities with the addition of a cryogenic probe for its SenseAware® 2000 device. The probe enables customers to monitor shipments that need to be kept within a very specific temperature range, and know the status in near real-time.

The cryogenic probe for the SenseAware 2000 device can monitor shipments from -195°C to +60°C (-319°F to +140°F).

The external cryogenic probe connects to the multi-sensor SenseAware 2000 device that transmits data from inside packages using wireless communication. The data, including the probe’s temperature reading, is sent in near real-time to an online application for monitoring.

Customers can use the application to create customized alerts and receive notifications of changes within their shipment while it is in transit, ensuring peace-of-mind for customers transporting highly-sensitive goods.

“The cryogenic probe for the SenseAware 2000 device is a game-changer, especially for our life sciences customers,” said Chris Swearingen, marketing manager for SenseAware. “Customers who ship lifesaving vaccines or critical lab tests need to know that their shipments remain cryogenically frozen throughout their journeys. By using the cryogenic probe with the SenseAware 2000 device, shippers will have constant visibility into the temperature of shipments moving through their supply chain.”

The SenseAware service, powered by FedEx, consists of a multi-sensor device working with a powerful web-based application that enables customers to stay connected to their high-value, critical shipments. The service can provide near real-time monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, shock, barometric pressure and light detection.

“The shock feature is especially important for healthcare customers shipping highly valuable, highly sensitive lab equipment,” said Swearingen. “Medical imaging devices and other sensitive equipment can be actively monitored for movement in-transit, assuring everything arrives ready-for-use.”

SenseAware can work in conjunction with FedEx Priority Alert to offer additional intervention capabilities, providing an extra layer of visibility and security.

Earlier this year, FedEx added a dry ice probe accessory to the SenseAware 2000 device that monitors shipments from -80°C to +60°C (-112°F to +140°F).

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About SenseAware

SenseAware is a first-of-its-kind service that provides near real-time access to a package’s vital statistics within the in-transit supply chain or stationary inventory monitoring. The SenseAware service has the ability to share that information continually across global supply chain stakeholders. A multi-sensor device, deeply integrated with a powerful web-based application, enables customers in a broad range of industries to stay connected to their high-value, critical shipments. The SenseAware service can provide:

· Near real-time location monitoring

· Accurate temperature, relative humidity, shock and barometric pressure readings

· Alerts or notifications when a shipment’s contents have been exposed to light

SenseAware is a contract-only service but can be easily adopted without infrastructure or large managed-service commitments. The added flexibility of the SenseAware device enables it to be used for monitoring of inventory, single shipments, or large palletized shipments. Customers simply set up a shipment in the SenseAware application and place the activated device in the package before shipping. SenseAware can also be used to conduct targeted experiments for supply chain development.

SenseAware service is available in 20 regions around the world. For more information on SenseAware as well as applicable service restrictions, visit