FedEx Customer Information Services Awarded Certification to the International Customer Service Standard


Chicago, IL— September 30, 2010 – FedEx Customer Information Services (FCIS), a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) was recently awarded Certification to the International Customer Service Standard (ICCS) by the Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA), the certifying body for the ICSS in North America.

The International Customer Service Standard is based on a balanced scorecard methodology that asks organizations seeking to be recognized for their focus and commitment to their customers, as well as seamless service delivery, to put forth evidence across the 25 attributes of the ICSS. A minimum score for each attribute must be achieved in order for an organization to be awarded certification.

The ICSS focuses on four key components necessary to maintain the alignment through a cause and effect relationship and balance between ‘passion’ and ‘process’,” including:

• Service perspective

• Financial perspective

• Operational perspective

• Learning and growth perspective

“In order for organizations to obtain certification to the ICSS, they must go through the rigorous process of providing a Self-Assessment, as well as complete on-site assessment days where CSIA Licensed Assessors review the information provided, processes followed, and the culture of an organization,” explains Christine Churchill, Executive Director of the Customer Service Institute of America.

In developing this standard, the International Council of Customer Service Organizations (ICCSO) is establishing benchmarks for service excellence globally that will stand the rigors of international competition and scrutiny.

Christine also noted, “I had the benefit of acting as one of the Licensed Assessors visiting the various FedEx CIS locations for their on-site assessment. The focus on customer, desire to remain innovative, the positive attitude of staff and the FedEx culture in general is exciting to see. This type of energy and ‘buzz’ in the air is often difficult to achieve, and maintain. FedEx CIS does a great job keeping employees engaged and always striving for ways improve their customers’ experience.”

“The tremendous effort required to deliver consistently excellent customer service is understood by our very best organizations and it is these examples we seek to highlight as successful role models,” said Brett Whitford, Secretary-General of the International Council of Customer Service Organizations.

This is not the first time that FedEx CIS has been recognized by the Customer Service Institute of America and the International Council of Customer Service Organizations. FedEx CIS were also winners of the 2009 International Service Excellence Award in the Division of a Large Business Category. Sheila Harrell, Vice President of Customer Service Operations at FedEx was also awarded 2008 Customer Service Executive of the Year.

About FedEx CIS

FedEx Customer Information Services (FCIS) was established in 2006 as a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation. The FCIS mission is to set the highest standard for the customer experience across all industries and around the world. Among the 3,500 FCIS employees, 2,150 serve the customers directly in the Customer Service Operations (CSO) organization. CSO represents the friendly, reassuring and helpful voice of FedEx to our customers, primarily through our 1.800.GoFedEx phone number.

About Customer Service Institute of America

The Customer Service Institute of America is to be the professional body of choice for customer service leaders across the US. The Institute has the exclusive North American rights to distribute the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS) and certify Organizations against the Standard. (