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FedEx Custom Critical Recognizes Independent Contractors with Four Star Award

GREEN, Ohio, July 31, 2014––FedEx Custom Critical, Inc., one of North America’s largest providers of expedited shipments, is excited to announce the winners of its 2014 Four Star Awards. The award acknowledges the top 40 independent contractors in the fleet who demonstrate a high standard of customer service, safety and efficiency. These contractors lease their vehicles to the company as owner operators.

This year, the company celebrates the 15th year for the Four Star Award. Contractors are chosen based on the following criteria: availability, on-time service and accident-free driving, with load acceptance serving as the tie breaker when necessary.

The 40 winners were each able to invite one guest to attend an all-expense-paid trip to the Atlantis Resort at Paradise Island in the Bahamas from July 13 to 17. The celebration also included an awards gala, which was held in their honor.

“Safety has always been and will always be our first priority at FedEx Custom Critical,” said Virginia Albanese, president and CEO of FedEx Custom Critical. “Not only have these top contractors operated safely, but they have also provided outstanding customer service.”

The following independent contractors were selected as winners for the 2014 Four Star Award:

Cargo Van

Nikola Mihajlovic

Terry Campbell

Neverson Galdino

Herbert Gumbs

Diya Nabawi

Charlie Simmons

Jay Wyrosdick

Kevin Lewis

Straight Truck

Milton Thompson

Ted Henry

Bob Caffee

Jason Willliams

Paul Smith

Lenny Deklerk

Arnold Lee

Michael Connolly

Mary Anderson

Eddie Regan

Roger Allen

Barrett Moore

Pedro Cirerol

John Putz

Charles Flora

Dennis Dreier

Tractor Trailer

Darrel Verret

Judith Boudreau

Jimmy Nelson

Alfred Taylor

David Yoder

Lester Willis

Sama Tofigh

Douglas Belon

Terry Henderson

Norman St Onge

Stephen Newhar