FedEx Hosts “New Markets, New Opportunities” Roundtable

May 12, 2014

FedEx recently hosted a virtual roundtable on ‘New Markets, New Opportunities,’ in which FedEx executives discussed the arrival of vibrant new players that are creating fresh business opportunities in the global marketplace.

While Brazil, Russia, India and China have been at the center of many recent discussions focused on emerging markets, economists have identified a new set of countries whose economies are poised to take-off. Best known as MINT and CIVETS* nations, by 2050 most of them will expand to rank among the top 20 contributors to the global GDP, according to data from the World Bank and Goldman Sachs. 

In this roundtable, Michael Ducker, Chief Operating Officer and President, International, FedEx Express, and Rajesh Subramaniam, Executive Vice President, Global Strategy, Marketing and Communications, FedEx Services, explored a range of related topics, including the macro-economic factors driving opportunity within these new markets, the role of connectivity – both virtual and physical – and commercial lessons and considerations.

* MINT: Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey; CIVETS: Colombia, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa


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