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Order to Shipment Label in One Click

FedEx Express Europe announces major upgrade for e-commerce customers

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and the world’s largest express transportation company, continues to make significant investments in Europe to enhance the online shipping experience of its customers.

FedEx Express upgraded its application FedEx Ship Manager™, enabling customers to synchronise their Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce store with FedEx Ship Manager™ at More e-commerce platforms and marketplaces will be added in a phased approach in the near future.

The upgrade allows businesses to create shipments and paperwork from their online orders with just one mouse click, saving considerable time versus having to manually enter the required data while remaining fully in control during the order-to-label process.

The upgrade is live across 34 countries and territories in Europe and means FedEx customers can now:

· Manage their e-commerce shipments in FedEx Ship Manager™ without the need for manual input to create shipping labels.

· Synchronize orders with their e-commerce platform, meaning tracking numbers and delivery details are automatically visible for their customers.

· Create shipments and print labels for multiple orders in one click. 

· Instantly generate commercial invoices that guide them on the information needed for a smooth customs clearance process.

“With the launch of these e-commerce features we strive to streamline shipping for our small and medium customers,” said Wouter Roels, Senior Vice President Marketing & Customer Experience at FedEx Europe. “As our customers seek to digitalize, their demands grow. We’re on a path to giving them a truly outstanding online shipping experience,” he added.

More time spent on the fulfilment of online purchases can mean businesses spend less time on other activities, including more strategic tasks. A recent study [1] found that small businesses spent about 500 hours per year to manage their freight shipments. In the same survey, 42% of business owners mentioned they spent more than two hours on each individual shipment. Ultimately, these additional hours can translate into additional costs, as well as longer delivery times. A recent FedEx survey among 50 small and medium businesses confirmed that the process of creating an international shipment is perceived to be time consuming. This application upgrade is designed to significantly decrease the time needed to create shipping labels, thus speeding up the entire process of creating a shipment.

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