FedEx UK Throws a Line for Comic Relief


Volunteers from FedEx UK and FedEx Express donated their services at the FedEx UK call centre in Stoke on Trent last Friday night to help staff the official donation line for Red Nose Day ’09.

The 100-strong team took calls throughout the live TV extravaganza on BBC One, hosted by some of the biggest names in TV, including Davina McCall and David Tennant.

“Millions of disadvantaged people across the UK and Africa are set to benefit from the nation’s generosity, and managing these calls is crucial to making sure this money reaches those who need it most,” said Michael Holt, CEO, FedEx UK. “I’m proud that our exceptional team at Stoke-on-Trent is a part of Red Nose Day.

“FedEx UK is part of a team of call centres helping us to manage these all important calls, and we’d like to say a massive thank you to all those who are giving up their Friday night to be a part of it,” Jan Brown, Comic Relief’s Campaign Logistics Officer said. “Thanks to our brilliant volunteers, Red Nose Day call centres will form a virtual network of a staggering 12,000 lines, which will really help us raise our total and change lives. “

The FedEx UK call centre received 2,154 calls and raised £78,000 in donations for Comic Relief on the night. The centre also made £1,400 locally on the night.