FedEx Renews its Sponsorship to the Fondation de France

Paris, 19 June 2008 – FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation company, makes a donation to the Fondation de France in concordance with the partnership agreement of October 2006. The donation of 65,000 euros (100,000 dollars) was recently made to support the Fondation de France “Solidarity initiatives and job creation” program.

FedEx supports this program as part of its sponsorship policy that tackles the curb on employment and aims to encourage diversity within the company which it considers a valuable asset.

In just two years FedEx, together with the Fondation de France, has thus been able to assist 14 associations throughout France and contribute to the creation of about 100 jobs.

The Fondation de France believes strongly in the capacity of associations to provide intelligent and innovative solutions to tackle the various problems that curb employment.

The Débrouille Compagnie Association example

The Débrouille Compagnie Association has been granted a subsidy of 19,500 euros from the Fondation de France following a donation by FedEx. This association federates about fifty artists, self-employed or associated artisans and coordinators who all create useful or decorative items from scraps for personal use or for sale.

The association encourages activities by scrap artisans from all over the world generating employment in working-class areas in various countries including France where three jobs have been created in response to numerous demands for shows or activities. The association has therefore been able to open its first workshop/shop launched today in the Danube-Solidarité area in the 19th arrondissement in Paris.

FedEx societal commitment

The world over, through donations (in cash and in kind) and voluntary work, FedEx supports charity and non-profit making organizations working in areas such as education, humanitarian and medical aid and environmental protection.

In addition to this partnership with the Fondation de France, FedEx supports the association Papa Charlie at Roissy and Orly airports which works to facilitate the professional integration of job-seekers living near the airports who are faced with transport problems. The association provides them with a vehicle for a small contribution of 120 euros / month.

FedEx signed the Diversity Charter in 2005 which adheres to a strategy of diversity and non-discrimination. More recently, the company has supported the “Hope for the Suburbs” scheme in an attempt to encourage employment of young people in those areas.

About FedEx Corp

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About FedEx Express

FedEx Express is the world’s largest express transportation company, providing fast and reliable delivery to more than 220 countries and territories. FedEx Express uses a global air-and-ground network to speed delivery of time-sensitive shipments, usually in one to two business days with the delivery time guaranteed.

The Fondation de France in brief

The Fondation de France helps people in difficulty by supporting concrete and innovative projects which meet the ever-changing needs of our society. It works in all areas of benefit for the general public: solidarity, childhood, health, medical research, culture and the environment. The Fondation de France also houses foundations created by sponsors and advises them in their work. Both private and independent, the Fondation de France does not receive any government subsidies and thus gives out its awards, grants and subsidies thanks to the generosity of its donators. To find out more:

The Débrouille Compagnie Association

The Débrouille Compagnie Association federates scrap artists and artisans from all over the world and helps them access the job market under fair conditions. Then, to enable them to share their ideas and savoir-faire, and to contribute to public awareness (particularly that of children) on the social, environmental and cultural impact of our consumer and rubbish-throwing habits, the association provides training programs and all forms of collective or individual actions in any public or private place, or during events dedicated to sustainable development, in order to achieve its objectives.