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FedEx meeting increased import demands with new cutting-edge import system at its cargo facility at Stansted

New import system handles higher volumes in a shorter time window

FedEx meeting increased import demands with new cutting-edge import system at its cargo facility at Stansted.jpg

London, December 4, 2023 – FedEx Express Europe, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), has launched a new state-of-the-art import sorting system at its Stansted Airport facility to handle increased demand from UK importers. The new parcel sorting system will speed up the processing of imports, sorting double the number of parcels per hour than the previous system.

The new import system can sort 6,000 packages per hour and is equipped with technology that captures data points via barcode scanning, providing instant updates to the FedEx operations team and the customer receiving the goods. The system has the flexibility to connect to a range of different outfeeds, meaning parcels can be loaded into a number of different types of vehicles for onward connection. The sorter also includes technology that enables FedEx to intercept and redirect shipments subject to post-Brexit customs regulations to a separate area, ensuring the smooth flow of goods into the UK.

Alun Cornish, Managing Director, Ramp and Gateways Operations for Northern Europe at FedEx said: “The new import system is the next step in the modernisation of our Stansted operation. With the increased demand for imports from UK SMEs, this technology will help us maintain our exceptional customer service by getting goods to our customers as quickly as possible.”

An estimated $25m has been invested by FedEx in a number of projects to improve the Stansted facility. The import system joins a new exporting system which was launched last year. It was introduced to speed up the flow of goods through the facility, resulting in approximately 80% of shipments bound for international markets being scanned and processed by machines.

Located just 68 kilometres away from London, Stansted is the UK’s third largest cargo airport and currently handles over 258,000 tonnes of cargo annually. Its strategic location plays a key role in the economic development of London and the Southeast, and it is currently the only London airport with the capacity and infrastructure to support increased demand for cargo aviation over the next 10-15 years.[1]