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FedEx keen to develop air/rail intermodality at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle

Paris, June 21st, 2006 - FedEx Express, the world leader in express transportation and founding member of the Roissy Cargo Rail Express association (CAREX), took part today in the press conference announcing the creation of EURO CAREX and the appointment of the research consultancy firm Elcimai to conduct a “Feasibility study for the creation of a high-speed rail freight service connected to the Roissy-CDG airport facilities”.

Created at FedEx’s instigation and on the initiative of public and private partners in February 2006, the Roissy CAREX association is the fruit of a reflection process conducted since 1999 in favour of developing an express rail freight transport system to serve French and European cities and territories, mainly located 300 to 800 kilometres away from Roissy Airport.

This project has already received the support of several Ministers, including Dominique Perben, the French Minister of Transport and Equipment, and Jacques Barrot, the European Commissioner for Transport and Vice-President of the European Commission. The latter announced that the EU would support the project in a letter sent to the Chairman of Roissy CAREX; Jacques Barrot and the members of the board of Roissy CAREX are to meet again on June 27th, 2006, in Brussels.

The French Minister delegate for regional development, Christian Estrosi, met the members of Roissy CAREX on April 6th, 2006, and also visited the FedEx facilities at Roissy.

Through its association with Roissy CAREX, FedEx wants to demonstrate its pro-active support for the development of air/rail intermodality at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle to transport freight by high-speed train throughout Europe.

As the second largest freight operator at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, FedEx is always keen seeking innovative solutions for its customers, and to support initiatives in line with sustainable development. This solution of transporting air freight by high-speed train in Europe would enable FedEx to link its European sorting centre at Roissy to the main Northern European cities located within a radius of 300 to 800 kilometres, such as London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, Frankfurt and Basel, and to the South of Europe in the long term.

This Europe-wide project will significantly contribute to the competitiveness of businesses. It will encourage firms selling high value-added products to set up near Roissy-CDG, thus creating value and jobs, while limiting the environmental impact of the airport’s growth.

The project is an unprecedented opportunity to develop France’s appeal for its foreign partners. Turned into the “warehouse” of Europe, the multimodal facilities at Roissy would make France a major player in European and world trade, while enhancing its image as a modern, dynamic nation.

“The express transport industry is one of the world’s fastest growing economic sectors, with an annual growth rate of 6.2% over the next two decades. We believe this project is truly innovative from an environmental point of view. It is also technically ambitious, and economically promising.

We hope to see it becomes reality in the next five years. As for the future freight-dedicated high-speed train station, the best location, and the only solution operationally feasible for FedEx, is Goussainville,”

concludes Alain Chaillé, Vice-President of FedEx operations in Southern Europe and Vice-Chairman of the Roissy CAREX association.

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