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FedEx Express Plays Crucial Role Moving Critical COVID-19 Supplies from Asia to France

FedEx Express responds to the call from the French authorities and is mobilizing to ship medical equipment and materials to France, including 9 million masks for French SMEs activities


Roissy-en-France, May 12, 2020— FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and the world’s largest express transportation company, processes thousands of medical shipments every day through its European hub based at Paris-Charles de Gaulle. That includes personal protective equipment, clinical trials, vital medical supplies, equipment, and PCR test sequencing kits that will help screen the population, and are transported to hospitals, retirement homes and other medical facilities located throughout France.

In the past few weeks, FedEx Express flights, including intercontinental flights, have played a crucial role in fulfilling our commitment to containing and combating COVID-19. FedEx Express is the leading air cargo operator in France currently representing more than a third of the cargo capacity at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.

Jean Muls, vice president, Air Hub Operations Europe, FedEx Express stated: “The COVID-19 situation has generated an unprecedented demand for air freight transport from Asia to Europe. In April, we increased our flights between Asia and Europe by almost 50% with our CDG hub playing a vital part. A real air connection is in place and FedEx is playing a major role.”

As the world’s largest cargo airline with a fleet of 675 aircraft, FedEx Express has the ability to flex operations in times of crisis.FedEx is one of the few companies in the world that has the network and capabilities to allow the rapid shipment of medical and vital equipment from Asia, which is currently the main production location of the medical equipment used in response to the COVID-19 crisis. With the drastic decline of commercial airline flights, 100% cargo fleets such as those of FedEx Express have an essential role to play.

FedEx Express was recently asked by the French authorities to support the delivery of 9 million facemasks to supply the distribution circuit for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

In response, FedEx Express mobilized its network to help with the effort, and support SMEs as they work to rebound after the pandemic.

Daily, 6,500 FedEx Express team members are working in ground operations across France to clear, transport and deliver these vital medical shipments. Efficient cooperation is carried out every day with governmental authorities, especially with the Gendarmerie Nationale (Police), to ensure that the goods are transported safely and securely.

Mathilde Goffard,vice president Ground Operations France, added: “FedEx Express teams are proud to be actively involved in managing this crisis and are redoubling their efforts to adjust routing processes and prioritize deliveries of medical equipment. We have implemented procedures such as special labels to identify and prioritize medical and COVID-19 related shipments. This supports the control processes of government authorities and also helps to ensure the best possible service by our teams.”

FedEx Express has globally transported 17,100 tons of personal protective equipment since February 1, to help combat COVID-19. Around 45%, or the equivalent of 7,800 tons are mask shipments. Some of our daily relief efforts include the shipment of 300,000 masks for a temporary field hospital in Madrid, the shipment of breathing equipment to eight hospitals in Northern Italy from the Netherlands, and five shipments underway with Direct Relief, totaling 4 million facemasks and 50,000 face shields from China to the United States.

While focusing first and foremost on team member safety and well-being, FedEx will continue to combine health, safety and economic operations by providing its essential transportation and logistics services to containing and combating COVID-19.