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FedEx Express Launches Innovative Packaging Solution To Ship Bottles Around the World


PARIS, February 25, 2010—FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation company and a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), announced the launch of a packaging solution to facilitate the transportation of bottles easily and safely between international destinations. The innovative packaging is both resistant and recyclable, providing an ideal transportation solution for businesses shipping wine* and olive oil from France, Italy and Spain to countries and territories worldwide.

Developed to ship one, three or six bottles, each FedEx ”Bottle Box” adapts to all shapes and sizes of bottles. This innovative packaging, made of cardboard and plastic film, can be stocked easily, assembled in seconds and offers outstanding protection from the point of collection until delivery at destination. With an innovative design tailored towards providing optimum protection, the bottles are secured within the packaging and can withstand outside shocks.

It fits very well the wine- and olive-growing industry which can also benefit from FedEx customs expertise on bottle shipping.

This innovative solution is part of the wide variety of FedEx shipping supplies. The majority of FedEx packaging is recyclable and contains recycled materials. In addition, the new FedEx “Bottle Box” contains a minimum of 80 percent recycled material and is recyclable at select locations. Additional information regarding FedEx services can be found at