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FedEx Express Forms Strategic Alliance with Zonos to Tackle Customs Challenges for UK and EU Retailers

FedEx Express Forms Strategic Alliance with Zonos to Tackle Customs Challenges for UK and EU Retailers.jpg

Hoofddorp – 23 April 2024 - FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation company, has joined forces with Zonos, a leader in cross-border technology, to significantly enhance the global online shopping experience by creating transparency on customs processes and charges. The alliance enables UK and EU retailers to expand their market reach confidently and easily while ensuring customer satisfaction through timely and transparent delivery processes.

This collaboration emerges at a crucial time as, according to a 2023 study conducted by Juniper Research, cross-border ecommerce transactions are expected to surge by 107%, reaching €3.4 trillion (£2.68 trillion) over the next five years. A 2021 Statista survey found that 59% of consumers expect to pay additional fees or duties upon delivery that were not previously disclosed to them, and 66% expect their international purchases to arrive later than promised. These statistics highlight the need for transparency and efficiency - a gap this alliance seeks to fill.

By leveraging Zonos’ innovative cross-border technology and FedEx’s extensive logistics network and services, the collaboration directly addresses customer concerns by helping to eliminate unexpected charges and reduce shipping delays. Zonos’ automated solutions inform shoppers of the total cost of their purchases, allowing them to pay all duties, taxes, and fees at checkout. This approach ensures packages are shipped fully prepaid. Combined with the automatic generation of Harmonised System (HS) codes and accurate customs documentation, the customs clearance process is significantly expedited, greatly reducing the risk of packages being held. FedEx offers transparent delivery costs, including a range of options for delivery of shipments with prepaid customs charges, as well as full tracking.

Additionally, this collaboration offers solutions to automate compliance for cross-border tax scheme collection and remittance, and the EU’s Import Control System 2 (ICS2) requirements, simplifying the regulatory landscape for retailers.

“By joining forces, FedEx and Zonos are paving the way for e-commerce businesses to navigate the complexities of cross-border trade,” explains Stijn Meeus, FedEx Express E-commerce Managing Director. “This collaboration enables our customers to ship more easily and transparently internationally and improve the recipient experience. Together we’re unlocking the true potential of e-commerce, one simplified journey at a time.’’

“Zonos has always supported FedEx customers selling globally; now it just gets better. The alliance means we can onboard FedEx customers faster and with a more seamless integration than ever before,” said Clint Reid, Founder and CEO of Zonos. “Cross-border ecommerce is complicated, but with the FedEx alliance, we are taking one more step in making it simpler and easier while enhancing the customer experience and driving growth for our retailers.”