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FedEx Express and Modec Rollout State-of-the Art Electric Vehicles


LONDON, August 24, 2009—FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation company and a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), and Modec recently rolled out ten new state-of-the-art electric commercial vehicles for use in the United Kingdom.

The vehicles, which have been heralded as the future of urban vehicle manufacturing, are designed specifically for commercial operation in urban environments, making the vehicle quick and easy to enter and exit, and maximizing driver comfort and productivity. Based in London, the vehicles will travel an average of 13,725 miles in a year—the equivalent of more than halfway round the earth’s circumference.*

Each vehicle is branded with the FedEx EarthSmart logo, communicating the FedEx commitment to connecting the world in responsible and resourceful ways through industry-leading innovations that are more efficient and better for the environment.

The integration of the Modec vehicle into the UK fleet is part of a FedEx pledge to improve the fuel efficiency of its vehicle fleet by 20 percent and reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its aircraft fleet by 20 percent per available ton mile by 2020.

With 264 hybrid vehicles around the globe, FedEx operates the largest hybrid electric commercial fleet in the express transportation industry and already operates 38 liquefied petroleum gas Mercedes Sprinter vehicles in the greater London metropolitan area. In Europe, FedEx is currently operating hybrid-electric vehicles in Italy and France.

Modec vehicles feature a large, removable battery pack and can travel more than 60 miles on one overnight charge. With zero tailpipe emissions, the vehicles will save around 11 tonnes of CO2 a year compared to a similar weight diesel vehicle.**

“We are committed to practical investments in technology and innovation to minimize our impact on the environment,” said Adam Psarianos, vice president, Operations, FedEx Express Northern Europe. “I feel that these vans will meet both the practical needs of our customers and the need to operate in a sustainable manner.”

Mark Gordon, senior manager, Operations, FedEx Express UK, said, “The couriers have praised the vans for their comfort and ease of use and are really proud to play their part in an environmentally-responsible manner.”

“We are delighted to see the first ten FedEx branded Modec vehicles in operation,” said Jamie Borwick, chairman of Modec. “Electric Modec vehicles are perfect for urban delivery operations, where the potential to cut emissions is huge, and businesses like FedEx are leading the way in this field.”

*Figure based on an average FedEx van based in London travelling 30-60 miles per day, averaging at 45 miles per day, 305 working days a year.

** Figure based on each Modec vehicle, charged with renewable source energy, replacing a combustion engine vehicle traveling 13,725 miles p.a. at 15 mp.