FedEx Courier Marlies Hagenbach Delivers to the Stars

“Even as a child I was out and about a lot with boys. I soon learned how to get my way”, is Marlies Hagenbach’s response to the question as to what it is like working in a man’s profession such as the logistics industry. The 25-year-old FedEx courier is frequently asked at work: what, a woman doing this job? “I forget that I am working in a so-called men’s industry”, explains the Munich resident – and she has never been afraid of physical work.

Marlies Hagenbach has been working for FedEx Express four years. Originally, she trained as a paediatric nurse, but soon the, at the time, 18-year-old went off in a completely different direction. “Something involving driving would be great for me”, she thought and starting working for a courier service in southern Bavaria. This is where she first came into contact with FedEx. “I liked the atmosphere, the people were all really nice even when they were stressed out”, reminisces Hagenbach. When she heard about a vacant part-time package handling job, she applied to FedEx in Munich and got the job. She has never regretted the move and is now a full-time courier. “It is important to FedEx that their employees are well looked after and this is evident to all of us.” Be this the pay, holidays or staff training: “FedEx offers more than most other employers in the sector”, claims Hagenbach. She wants to continue working for FedEx. “I would like to get to know the office side of the business at some point.”

But until she achieves this ambition, she will continue to enjoy the daily tour with her van. And to huge success as well: last year, Marlies Hagenbach was crowned 2007 Courier of the Year at the Munich station – this title means a lot to her, as it is the customers who decide who is voted best courier of the year. “It was really surprising. It’s great to find such acceptance”, states Hagenbach. The secret of her success is simple. “I just get on fantastically with the customers. It is important that they sense that you enjoy your work and know what you are doing.” Her favourite moments are when she delivers a parcel to a thrilled 80-year-old grandmother sent by her grandchildren”, she explains.

And Hagenbach’s clients also include real stars: among others, she delivers to TV presenters and actors. The reason for this is that her route includes Grünwald, Munich’s ritziest neighbourhood. And Bundesliga football clubs also receive FedEx deliveries from Marlies Hagenbach from time to time. On occasion, she experiences a soccer star helping her manoeuvre within the car park or a professional footballer doesn’t have the cash for a package from the US. “At the time, the club office had to help out. Now the cash is being docked from his salary, they told me”, explains Hagenbach, who has also been playing football for 20 years. She actually made it into the national under-16s teams.