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FedEx Collaborates with Japan Post to Enhance International Delivery


TOKYO, June 26th, 2015 – FedEx Express (FedEx) in Japan has reached an agreement with Japan Post to collaborate in the area of international delivery services.

Through the agreement, customers in Japan will experience the following service enhancements for outbound and inbound shipments:

  • Outbound packages from Japan:

FedEx will provide its International Economy (IE) operations for Japan Post’s international delivery service U-Global Express (UGX). Through the collaboration, Japan Post will expand its UGX service to U.S destinations. Japan Post will handle pick-ups from shippers in Japan, while FedEx will handle customs clearance and delivery to the U.S. final destination.

  • Inbound packages to Japan:

Once packages have been picked up and shipped from around the world and cleared through customs by FedEx, Japan Post will handle the last mile domestic delivery for certain packages.

This collaboration, which is targeted to go into effect after this Fall, will combine the strengths of both companies – the operational strength of FedEx with its extensive global and U.S. domestic delivery network and customs clearance experience, and the domestic network of Japan Post.

Together, FedEx and Japan Post will offer a faster and more reliable international delivery service to customers in Japan and around the world. In particular, the collaboration will increase the delivery options for businesses that need transportation solutions for comparatively small and lightweight yet high value products coming from the rapidly expanding e-commerce market.