“Goodbye‧Hero”- The world’s only flying eye hospital plane has arrived in Taiwan

Taipei, August 25, 2010—As the only airborne sight-saving hospital in the world, ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital (FEH) will arrive in Taiwan on October 28th. The theme of this goodwill tour, “Goodbye Hero” is designed to honor the second-generation DC-10 FEH plane before it is decommissioned and replaced by the more efficient, third-generation aircraft (MD-10). Taipei is the terminal stop for the DC-10 and its global goodwill tour.

According to the statics data of WHO, 90% of the world’s blind people (45 million) live in developing countries. With under-equipped medical infrastructures, curable eye disease turns to blindness. Since 1982, FEH have been to more than 70 countries to help millions of patients regain their sight by training local doctors and nurses in developing countries on medical treatment to prevent and cure blindness.

FedEx has been a major supporter of ORBIS for more than 20 years, during which FedEx provided its unparalleled networks, dedicated employees and vast aviation expertise to help ORBIS deliver the gift of sight to hundreds of thousands of patients across the developing world. In 2006, FedEx renewed the contract and sponsored ORBIS five million dollars, providing ORBIS and the Flying Eye Hospital fiscal, business and operational blind-saving support. In addition, FedEx provided volunteered pilots to fly FEH to each project site all over the world.

“Good Bye. Hero” Goodwill tour to Taiwan will host a series of events, including “Let Love Aboard”, “Children drawing competition” and “Charity Market”. Those who are interested can apply through: www.hero88.org.tw(02)2546-5046. Don’t miss the opportunity to join us!, or call