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Fulfilling the Purple Promise: Striving to make every customer experience outstanding


Meet Resty Villegas, one of our senior dispatchers from the Philippines.

Resty’s work week was winding down when he received an email about an urgent delivery. The package contained maintenance medicine from overseas and it was yet to be cleared by Customs. Realizing how crucial the timing was, Resty sprang into action the moment it cleared.

On his day off, he braved heavy afternoon rains and strapped the package under his shirt to keep it safe.

“My only thought that time was what could have happened if the medicine did not reach the customer? What if he got worse?” Resty recalls.

Resty’s can-do spirit may have saved a customer’s life.

For his efforts, Resty earned the outstanding Purple Promise Award: a recognition given to FedEx team members who serve customers in extraordinary ways.

“The announcement of the Purple Promise nomination was sent via email, and all FedEx employees across the globe received it,” he shared, adding that it came as a surprise. “I remember being excited and congratulated left and right by everybody. The recognition itself is a blessing, and it’s also a testament to how FedEx upholds its promise of putting people first.”