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FedEx and Safe Kids Korea Teach Pedestrian Safety to Elementary Students in IIsan


SEOUL, March 17, 2017— FedEx Express (FedEx) launched the “Mom’s Hand Campaign” together with Safe Kids Korea at the Oma Elementary School in Ilsan on March 16. The Mom’s Hand Campaign aims to promote safe crossing habits among child pedestrians through in-class lessons and experiential learning sessions where children will cross the road holding a yellow sign named “Mom’s Hand”. The Mom’s Hand Campaign will go nationwide in cooperation with the Korean National Police Agency.

During the Mom’s Hand Campaign event more than 200 elementary students participated in three educational sessions: instructional, videos, and practical exercises. A Safe Kids safety lecturer conducted the instructional session on walking safety followed by students watching videos that highlighted three points for defensive walking. Lastly, outdoor practical exercises led by the police and the safety lecturer with FedEx volunteers helping children cross the road safely.

“FedEx supports the Mom’s Hand safety campaign that will spark children’s awareness to walking safely,” said Eun-Mi Chae, managing director of FedEx Express Korea. “We believe that by improving young children’s understanding of road safety, it will help reduce pedestrian accidents or fatalities in Korea.”

The Mom’s Hand Campaign is part of the FedEx and Safe Kids Korea Walk This Way program that increases awareness among children about the dangers of being distracted and the importance of not looking at devices while walking. FedEx and Safe Kids Korea have been conducting the Walk This Way program since 2003 as a way to raise awareness about child pedestrian safety through educational road user activities and the facilitation of improvements to the walking environment around schools.