FedEx on the “White List” of Key Foreign Trade Enterprises to Resume Work and Production in Shanghai

Ensuring the smooth operation of industrial and supply chains, and supporting the recovery of production, the economy, business and trade in Shanghai


Shanghai, May 6, 2022 - FedEx is officially on the “white list” of key foreign trade enterprises to resume work and production in Shanghai, as recently released by the municipal authorities.

Since the lockdown in response to COVID-19, FedEx has remained in operation in Shanghai and made an all-out effort to ensure smooth cross-border logistics and stable regional supply chains by providing strong supply-chain support for the normal operation of enterprises and production lines.

  • With the support of the local authorities of the business committee, airport, customs and disease control, the FedEx Shanghai International Express and Cargo Hub at the Pudong International Airport (PVG) has remained operational throughout the pandemic. To ensure continuity of outbound services, the hub initiated an emergency plan and hundreds of team members at the hub have been working in closed-loop mode since March 28th. In addition, on April 25th we resumed accepting international inbound shipments into Pudong International Airport, further facilitating the recovery and development of global trade.
  • To meet the labor shortage challenge and limited transport capacity, FedEx actively applied for temporary travel permits and established an online registration platform for customers to make self-pickup reservations. Our sales and customer service teams helped customers with self-pickup needs to make reservations on the platform. Our operations team then efficiently arranged storage resources according to self-pickup reservations in order to meet customers’ daily pickup demands to the greatest extent and speed up the circulation of packages. In addition, FedEx set up a special channel for supplies urgently needed for anti-epidemic actions in order to prioritize transporting emergency cargo, such as ambulance microchips and power production accessories, which are key to epidemic prevention and people’s livelihoods.
  • FedEx teams at the PVG Hub have been working closely with our operations stations. Through a combination of measures, including rapidly completing customs clearance and transshipment, monitoring logistics updates in real-time, arranging advance pickups and quickly completing disinfection and sorting, we have urgently transported bulk quantities of raw materials and equipment parts for various customers in multiple sectors in eastern China, alleviated the pressure on enterprises’ production lines. By taking concrete actions, FedEx has provided timely and efficient logistics support for enterprises to resume work and production.
  • During the critical time of epidemic control in April, FedEx responded to the call from the Shanghai Municipal Government with its ground operations employee volunteers and delivery vehicles to support the distribution and delivery of livelihood supplies to residents of local communities. The effort benefitted 23 neighborhood committees and around 73 residential areas in the Changning District, including about 37,000 households and 79,000 permanent residents.
  • To better mitigate the impact of the epidemic on air cargo, FedEx activated the synergy mechanism during the epidemic and deployed freighter capacity at Beijing Gateway. We diverted part of our international outbound shipments from PVG Hub to Beijing Gateway and added additional flights to and from Beijing to ensure the stabilization of our global supply chain.

Amidst the current situation impacted by the pandemic, the resumption of work and production is an important move in the coordination of epidemic control and economic and social development. The move ensures safe and stable industrial and supply chains as well as safe urban operations. As the situation evolves in a stable and positive direction, the Shanghai Municipal Government released the first and second editions of “Guidelines for Shanghai Industrial Enterprises to Resume Production with Pandemic Prevention and Control” and developed a “white list” for key industries and enterprises to resume work and production.
As a company on the white list, FedEx actively cooperates with the government authorities’ guidelines and arrangements. We will continue to ensure the smooth operations of industrial and supply chains, and support the recovery of production, the economy, business and trade in Shanghai,while ensuring the health and safety of our team members and customers, and strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures.

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