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FedEx Launches AnQ Safety Awakening Joint CSR Program

FedEx advocates for child safety using internet-based CSR


SHANGHAI, August 27, 2020– FedEx Express (FedEx), one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, today held the AnQ Safety Awakening public class in collaboration with non-profit organization Tongdao in Shanghai’s Tianshan Community. With children from the local community and seven cities across the country virtually joining together with volunteers from Tianshan Community, FedEx and Tongdao, the public class promotes online home safety education for young children.

Volunteers gave a lesson on home safety, focusing on common home summer holiday accidents, such as falling from tall buildings and being scalded by hot water. Through easy-to-learn methods, including storytelling, videos and books, the lesson emphasizes the importance of safety and risk prevention. The event was integrated as part of a series of innovative activities carried out at the Tianshan Community Children’s Center.

Launched online on August 20, the AnQ Safety Awakening joint CSR Program will reach children across the country over the next two months. As an internet-based CSR initiative, it unites governments, social organizations, enterprise employees, partners, customers and participants to provide professional volunteer services for a larger cause: to help children better understand safety and protection.

Targeting children ages three to nine, the AnQ Safety Awakening cloud classroom delivers trauma prevention and health education with lessons covering water, road and home safety – three topics of greatest concern to parents. Through diverse forms like “1-Minute AnQ Safety Awakening Video” and the “AnQ Awakening Cloud Classroom,” the program offers a frequent review of small amounts of information per session so that young students can effectively learn. By combining cloud-based teaching with offline lessons, it raises awareness of safety among both children and their parents.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred every sector to take advantage of opportunities created by the internet and digital technologies. Internet-based CSR initiatives serve as an important platform for demonstrating enterprises’ strength in fulfilling social responsibilities and can effectively mobilize participation from volunteer forces on all sides. The AnQ Safety Awakening Joint CSR Program pools volunteer strength from FedEx, partners and customers. Through online technologies, innovative education models and joint CSR platforms, these forces all work together to drive impact across the country.