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FedEx Expands SenseAware Service to Malaysia


KUALA LUMPUR, May 6, 2014 — FedEx Express (“FedEx”), a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), today announced the expansion of the first of its kind, awarding-winning SenseAware® service to Malaysia. SenseAware powered by FedEx is the next-generation information service that empowers customers to have better control of their supply chains, enjoy an extra layer of security, and stay connected to their most critical and environmentally-sensitive shipments in near real-time.

The Malaysian Government is actively developing the pharmaceutical and medical device, and aerospace sectors in line with its ambition to increase high technology exports and improve the country’s standing as the world’s 8th top exporter of high technology products[1]. Based on the latest published data as of 2012, approximately 50% of Malaysia’s manufactured exports comprised high technology products, valued at RM186.4 billion[2]. With SenseAware, customers from the healthcare, life sciences, high technology, aerospace, high-end merchandise and financial industries can now better control their supply chain and stay connected to their most critical and time-sensitive shipments in near real-time.

“At FedEx, we focus on delivering significant value to our customers through services and technology that makes international shipping efficient and convenient,” said Ramesh Kumar Singam, managing director, FedEx Express Malaysia and Brunei. “SenseAware will benefit our customers, especially the high tech manufacturing industries, with the innovative monitoring service offering a higher level of security and better access to information on valuable and time-sensitive shipment, from door-to-door.”

Innovated by FedEx, SenseAware is a state-of-the-art sensor technology that combines a multi-sensor device with a powerful web-based application. SenseAware enables customers to access data of shipments while in transit, receive customizable alerts in near real-time, and share such information collaboratively with their business partners across supply chains.

In addition to monitoring the current location of a shipment, SenseAware can also monitor precise temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure readings, light exposure and shock events. The SenseAware 2000 device supports a dry ice probe which monitors temperatures ranging from -80°C to +60°C (-112°F to +140°F) and a cryogenic probe which can monitor shipments from -195°C to +60°C (-319°F to +140°F), making this technology particularly useful in the life sciences industry.

Initially available in the U.S. only, the SenseAware service has expanded to 21 markets[3] worldwide, including Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan in Asia Pacific. The service is also available on a growing list of air and ground transportation carriers, giving more transportation options to customers in order to better fit their specific needs, while still delivering the peace of mind and quality assurance provided by SenseAware.

In 2013, SenseAware won the Supply Chain Integrity Innovator of the Year category at the Cool Chain Logistics Europe Excellence Awards in Basel, Switzerland. And in 2012, it earned two awards at the World Mail Awards in the innovation and security category.

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