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FedEx Expands SenseAware Service to Hong Kong


HONG KONG, July 2, 2013—FedEx Express (“FedEx”), a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), today announced the expansion of its SenseAware® service to Hong Kong. With SenseAware 2000, the next-generation information service powered by FedEx, Hong Kong customers can now better control their supply chain and stay connected to their most critical and time-sensitive shipments in near real-time.

As Asia’s trading hub, Hong Kong handles a range of highly valuable and extremely time-sensitive shipments, from life-saving medical equipment to high technology components to confidential documents and data storage devices to art pieces and fine wines. With this SenseAware smart tracking service, customers from the healthcare, life sciences, aerospace, auction houses, the arts and financial industries can have more actionable intelligence at their fingertips.

“Many years ago, FedEx innovated shipment tracking technology. With SenseAware, we are taking this to a new level,” said Anthony Leung, managing director, FedEx Express Hong Kong and Macau. “This advanced technology redefines the meaning of tracking and mission-critical shipping solutions by giving our customers unmatched and near real-time visibility of their most important shipments at every step of the way.”

Developed by the FedEx Innovation team, the award-winning SenseAware is a comprehensive tracking service that provides near real-time data of shipments and the ability to share that information collaboratively with business partners. A multi-sensor device, deeply integrated with a powerful web-based application, enables customers to access vital statistics of a shipment while still in transit, including exact location, precise temperature readings, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and be alerted when the shipment has been opened or exposed to light.

Initially available in the U.S. only, the SenseAware service expanded to Australia, Singapore, Canada and the U.K. in December 2012. The service is also available on a growing list of air and ground transportation carriers, giving more transportation options to customers in order to better fit their specific needs, while still delivering the peace of mind and quality assurance provided by SenseAware. Beyond the FedEx network, the service is available on carriers including:

  • Cathay Pacific
  • Delta Air Lines (including Delta Connection Carriers)
  • Qantas Airways
  • Singapore Airlines Cargo
  • United Airlines mainline jets
  • Third-party ground carriers (when used consistently with their rules and regulations)
  • Private fleets

About SenseAware

SenseAware® is a first-of-its-kind service that provides near real-time access to a package’s vital statistics within the in-transit supply chain or during stationary inventory monitoring. The SenseAware service has the ability to share that information continually across global supply chain stakeholders. A multi-sensor device, deeply integrated with a powerful web-based application, enables customers in a broad range of industries to stay connected to their high-value, critical shipments. The SenseAware service provides:

  • Near real-time visibility of environmental conditions and location.
    • Environmental Data Specification: When setting up a journey or creating a template, customers can choose which environmental data is collected, such as temperature, humidity or barometric pressure. This ensures that the device only collects data for the specific environments requested, thus streamlining the amount of information the customer receives.
  • A powerful vantage point for managing all of your critical shipments and devices.
  • Permission-based access to share predetermined data with business partners and other interested parties.
  • Customizable triggers and alerts that can be preset before travel and changed while in transit.
  • Route Geo-fences: Customers can now create a geo-fence along the actual route a shipment should follow and set up alerts to notify the customer if the shipment deviates from this pre-established route. This feature is available for ground shipments.
  • Nonevent Geo-fence Triggers: Triggers can be set up to alert or notify customers when geo-fence events do not occur as expected by a specified time. This helps customers determine if a package has gotten off pace or off track.

SenseAware is a contract-only service, but can be easily adopted without infrastructure or large managed-service commitments. The added flexibility of the SenseAware device enables it to be used for monitoring inventory, single shipments, or large palletized shipments. Customers simply set up a shipment in the SenseAware application and place the activated device in the package before shipping. SenseAware can also be used to conduct targeted experiments for supply chain development. For more information on SenseAware as well as applicable service restrictions, visit

SenseAware was originally designed to meet the needs of the life science, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries. Commonly monitored items include unique or rare samples from clinical trials; temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals; light sensitive biological specimens; and, highly valuable items such as medical equipment. It won two awards at the 2012 World Mail Awards in the innovation and security category.