Asia Pacific (English)


Hong Kong - April 13, 2006 -- FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), has significantly upgraded FedEx Global Trade Manager and FedEx Ship Manager, offering free online tools on, designed to help domestic and multinational businesses reduce the complexities of shipping internationally.

“Asia is evolving rapidly, and so are the time-sensitive information needs of domestic and multinational companies operating here,” said Linda Brigance, Chief Information Officer, FedEx Asia Pacific. The smart use of technology will allow our customers in Asia to access international markets, break trade barriers, and get the accurate information they need on time, every time.”

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, FedEx Global Trade Manager gives customers access to customs documents and regulatory advisories for more than 200 countries, including 15 countries in Asia, allowing customers to look up import and export requirements for each country based on shipment and commodity information. Previously, 42 countries were covered.

The Product Profiles feature of FedEx Global Trade Manager has been expanded allowing international shippers to quickly and efficiently create, store, edit, group and manage information for up to 500 commodities. In addition to managing commodity databases with advanced sorting and grouping capabilities, customers also can conveniently upload large commodity databases from a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file with the Product Profiles feature.

The International Denied Party Screening tool, which allows shippers to see if any individuals, companies and other parties have been denied international business transactions, has also been expanded. Screening results now include information from Japan, European Union, United Nations countries and Canada lists as well as U.S. lists. Customers can save time by searching for restrictions by country, company name, customer name or even address on FedEx Global Trade Manager rather than checking several lists and Web sites separately.

Customers can also estimate the duties and taxes that may be levied on shipments with the Estimate Duties and Taxes feature, and so make better international trade decisions.

Other changes to FedEx Global Trade Manager include:

  • Enhanced ease of use as now all major features can be bundled into one transaction.
  • A consolidated, centralized Find International Documents section provides access to blank forms, online accessible customs documents and offers customers a sophisticated document determination tool that helps customers find the correct export and import documents for a specific international shipment.
  • Accuracy levels unmatched in the industry with an advisory and prohibits engine based on more than 800,000 rules.

With enhancements to FedEx Ship Manager at, customers may now automatically receive a tracking update if there is a delivery issue with a shipment. Shippers can arrange for FedEx to send an email message plus a tracking update in one of 16 languages, to as many as four email addresses. Customers now also have the ability to process 25 multiple-piece shipments at one time, an increase from ten multiple-piece shipments.

In addition, customers can check the status of a package anytime online, store up to 2,000 names and addresses for future use, prepare shipping labels for repeat shipments to the same address, arrange for courier pick up in several countries, and receive an account-specific courtesy rate quote. FedEx Ship Manager at automatically stores 45 days of shipping history, and customers can prepare labels quickly with as few as two clicks using Fast Ship Profiles.