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FedEx Announces Winner of FedEx-AsiaOne Best Boss Award

SINGAPORE, October 14, 2005 -- In celebration of World Boss Day, celebrated across the world on 16th October, FedEx today recognised Ms Jasmine Tong, IT Manager from a medical technology company as the “FedEx-AsiaOne Best Boss”. This annual award recognizes bosses who have demonstrated strong leadership and good management to their staff.

Selected from over 100 entries, Ms Tong was presented with the “Best Boss” Award Plague, 888 roses and dining vouchers to share with her colleagues.

Ms Tong’s leadership style has won the respect of her staff, and led to her nomination. Ms Tong’s employees say she is very committed to motivating and guiding them through career progression, and is also their role model for “work-life” balance.

“Jasmine discusses our career development and helps us align our personal objectives with the company’s. When it comes to projects where we lack the skills, she sends us for courses to ensure that we are able to deliver on expectation,” said Ms Jennfier Gan, IT executive, who nominated Ms Tong for the award.

Ms Tong is the prime example of what Singaporeans look for in a boss. In a recent online poll conducted by AsiaOne as part of the competition, 69.3% of all respondents said that the boss who “motivates and help staff through career progression” is the one they enjoy working with, as compared to 19.1% who voted for a personable boss and 11.6% who chose one who is dedicated to staff welfare.

Her style also won the hearts of FedEx boss for Singapore and Indonesia, Mr. Ramesh Kumar Singam. “Ms Tong is obviously adored by her staff. The qualities she exemplified in her actions are similar the FedEx’s philosophy of putting people first, and worthy of recognition for the award.”

The “FedEx-AsiaOne Best Boss Award” was held in conjunction with World Bosses’ Day that falls on 16th October. During the competition, which ran from the 5th to 11th October, members of the public were invited to submit a 50-word entry relating occasions where their bosses demonstrated their leadership or good people management and why he or she deserved to win the “FedEx-AsiaOne Best Boss Award” on Bosses’ Day.

FedEx has been ranked by Hewitt Associates as one of its “Top 10 Best Employers” in Singapore and across Asia, and has consistently been recognised as one of Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”.