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Determined to Deliver: A FedEx Frontliner ’s Story Amidst COVID-19


At the right place at the right time. Denzen Joy Madrona, Clearance Support Representative for FedEx Express Philippines, made sure the critical package reached its recipient on time.

The Purple Promise to make every FedEx experience outstanding is a global commitment that unites all FedEx team members across regions, roles, and companies.

Taking the extra mile to deliver packages with bravery and determination under unfavorable situations and weather conditions is not uncommon for FedEx team members. But to maintain and operate vital global trade networks amidst a worldwide pandemic is a first for the logistics leader.

Such was the story of Denzen Joy Madrona, Clearance Support Representative (CSR) for FedEx Express Philippines.

The package she processed amidst the Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) saved a customer’s life.

As a CSR, Denzen handles customs clearance of personal shipments, where she prepares the documents for review of the Bureau of Customs.

With the rise in need for medical equipment, protective gear, and other essentials, Denzen’s workload increased as more COVID-19 related shipments entered the FedEx network

“The work was heavy during the first three weeks of quarantine. We were on skeletal workforce after the ECQ was declared”, shared Denzen.

What began as just another day of operations in the new normal turned into a race to save a life. Denzen processed a shipment from the United States to the shipper’s wife in the Philippines who was in dire need of help.

The shipper emailed the Philippine team stressing the urgency of the situation, sharing that his wife, who was stranded in the country due to the ECQ, had lost her wallet and had no way to pay for food. The hotel where she was staying had run out of food earlier that week. It was critical for the package, which contained the shipper’s credit card, to reach his wife immediately.

Denzen made it her mission to overcome all the challenges that came with logistics operations during ECQ where clearance process took an average of five days.

Delivering thanks

Denzen’s determination to see the package promptly delivered did not go unnoticed.

The shipper sent an email to FedEx management detailing the situation and the big role Denzen played. He shared, “In spite of the early days of a global crisis in which most entities were dazed and incapacitated and, in spite of a skeletal customs clearance staff in the Philippines...they were still able to deliver the package- that probably saved my wife’s life- on foreign soil more than halfway around the world.”

This appreciation strengthened Denzen’s commitment to the Purple Promise.

“It was another regular day in operations for me. I did not expect that our work would have such a huge impact on our customers. It made me realize how much I love what I do.” Denzen said.