China Giant Pandas Bound for Canada

HONG KONG, March 18, 2013—FedEx Express (FedEx), a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) will donate its logistical services to transport two giant pandas from China to Toronto in Canada on March 25. Marking the first time in more than twenty years that a giant panda has been loaned to a Canadian zoo, this significant milestone is the sixth flight of the “FedEx Panda Express”.

Working in conjunction with the Toronto Zoo and the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, FedEx will fly the pandas, Er Shun (female) and Da Mao (male), on an MD-11F aircraft in spring 2013. As the official Giant Panda Transportation Services Provider for the Toronto Zoo’s giant panda program, FedEx will also provide regular deliveries of fresh bamboo supplies, the pandas’ primary food source.

“We are honoured to again be part of a truly special mission in conservation, which builds on our operational strength and extensive experience shipping this precious cargo of endangered giant pandas,” said David L. Cunningham, president, FedEx Express Asia Pacific. “Just like we do for our customers shipping from Asia Pacific to Canada and elsewhere in the world, FedEx is able to provide a fast, reliable service and unparalleled customer experience.”

Following a cooperative conservation agreement between China and Canada, the two giant pandas will spend five years at Toronto Zoo followed immediately by another five years at Calgary Zoo. Visitors to Toronto Zoo will be able to visit these rare and graceful species from spring 2013. The program will also allow Toronto Zoo to contribute to ongoing international efforts to protect and increase the population of the endangered giant pandas through investments in research and conservation efforts. Currently, conservationists estimate that only 2,000 pandas remain in the wild.

FedEx has a long-standing record of safely transporting giant pandas in cooperation with international zoological societies and The People’s Republic of China. In order to ensure all necessary precautions have been taken to provide a safe and comfortable flight for the pandas, animal care experts have been granted special flight privileges to accompany the pandas onboard the aircraft.

FedEx has successfully transported giant pandas, including several shipments of two pandas:

  • China to Paris, France (2012)
  • China to Edinburgh, Scotland (2011)
  • Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, USA to China (2010)
  • China to Memphis, USA (2003)
  • China to Washington, D.C., USA (2000)

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